The Dashboard Utility, first introduced in BBj 14.0, has been steadily growing more flexible and capable with each subsequent release including new widget types. The utility allows developers to expose even more important business intelligence to an organization's management team to facilitate better business decision making and therefore better businesses! The growing list of newly implemented features has come from various sources, including BASIS' internal operations as well as several customer requests. Users can customize dashboard widget sizes, fonts, color schemes, resize popouts, drilldown, click on chart elements to view data values, and more.

Cost: $445

Running Time: 1hr 9min

  • Dashboard Resources
  • Eclipse Set-up
  • No Coding-required dashboard improvements
  • Coding-required improvements - callback review, custom pop-up menus, JasperViewer Widgets, GridWidgets, the NEW GridExWidget, and more...

Digital Dashboard 2019 slides