This course focuses on using the BBj Enterprise Manager to administer and configure a BBj installation. Participants take a thorough tour of the features and functionality of the Enterprise Manager while learning how to use each feature in conjunction with AddonSoftware to provide a robust and secure system. Topics include basic server configuration, managing BBj processes, creating replication jobs, configuring write auditing, scheduling groups of tasks to run automatically, web application configuration, executing ad hoc SQL queries, and more.

Cost: $445 for both Enterprise Manager Administration and AddonSoftware System Administration

Running Time: 1hr 59min

This course dives into the administration tasks and utilities specific to AddonSoftware and Barista. Participants learn about the details to successfully install and upgrade AddonSoftware, including time-saving tips and tricks on upgrade strategies. This course ends with a swim through third-party interfaces.

Cost: $445 for both Enterprise Manager Administration and AddonSoftware System Administration

Running Time: 2hr 31min

Participants will learn about the cloud as an option for deployment and testing. This course starts by defining the cloud and its benefits then focus on the features Amazon Web Services provides and how to use them. Finally, participants will explore the Transformer AMI, BASIS’ packaged solution for easy cloud deployment and upgrades.  The Transformer AMI contains updates for BBj, operating system, and other software so that the user focuses on their AddonSoftware deployment. BASIS recommends students have some knowledge of the Linux command line.

Cost: $445

Running time: 2hr 46min