We are often asked about the basics of SQL and how to use SQL with your existing BASIS files. This class covers SQL fundamentals - (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, WHERE, GROUP BY, ORDER BY, scalar functions, date/time operations, etc...) before moving on to adding and using indexes for performance, optimization strategies, views, 3rd-party DBMS support, triggers, SPROCS, and FULLTEXT indexes. Advanced topics (time permitting) include nested subqueries, parameterizing queries when programming, and using the JDBC API from a sample BBj program.

Cost: $445

Running Time: 2hr 20min

SQL from the Ground Up 2019 slides

This course provides an overview of the database management system used as the foundation for AddonSoftware. Participants learn the basic structure and components of the system including the BASIS file system, the SQL engine, and the ODBC/JDBC drivers and how they work together to provide a robust and powerful DBMS. Exercises give participants hands-on experience creating views, stored procedures, and triggers that enable AddonSoftware developers and users to add additional custom functionality to their AddonSoftware installation without modifying any of the software source code.

Cost: $445

Running Time: 1hr 40min

BBj DBMS 2017 training slides

DBMS 2015 training slides